As a young girl, I always set my goals on things I’d have to see, hear or speak at least thrice a day.


For a 90’s kid emails and social networks were quite new

And most of us made mistakes with them, turning us blue.

Fascination for words made adjectives my favourite dictionary part

I would learn new adjectives each day for the right day start.

Then one fine day I had to create an e-mail id for a school project

And set a password toΒ remember even way after I was done with the project.

I thought of the first adjective that came on my mind with alphabet ‘a’

Something that I was fond of everyday.

Sooner or later came sites or drives that taught us lowercase and uppercase

I made up an oxymoron to remember first in that case.

Then came adding signs and numbers into your passwords

I would never remember numbers, so again I played with words.

Extremely late, I learned how to modify my settings

It was quite a eureka moment for me, quite like the other big blessings.

I would now create, LEARNfrench_b4december

This I would never ever misremember.

One or two such passwords seriously changed my life

Even today my phone password says “ICON” to become one in life.


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