Have you ever planted a small little seed?


Every seed needs it’s own space, time and weather to grow into a plant

Some take time to germinate, while some need time to be stable or they slant.

But do you know what’s the best part about them?

These plants are much more richer than any kind of gem.

These little flora or vegetations have great stories to tell

In all spheres of earths’ life they make something or the other propel.

But, how would it be, if we thought a seed would never germinate?

Before planting, we thought about no life of it, no fate.

How would it be if we thought it wouldn’t grow into a plant?

Or if we thought it wouldn’t be stable, it will just slant.

How would it be if we didn’t give enough water for it to flourish?

By making a decision that it would not nourish?

It would definitely stop it’s life or go into some other direction

If we never gave it the right attention or affection.

This plant story is for us to understand.

How coming to conclusions makes life bland.

How about thinking of now instead?

And planning a better future ahead.


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