Tug Of War!

Have you ever played the game called “Tug of War”?

tug of war.jpg

If you’ve ever played or can figure out how to play

You wouldn’t want to save this game for a rainy day.

Well, my point here is not exactly the game

It’s about what I learnt about life from this game.

A month prior everything was right

Life was my opponent and I was giving a tough fight.

Rope held firmly in my hands, almost winning with grit

While suddenly I felt a pull from the other side, so fit.

I couldn’t move a step back and I lost to my opponent.

Life won this game by a larger proportional component.

I fell to my face and hit my head

I got up thinking, “Let’s start again to get ahead.”

This time I just left the rope at the beginning

And life fell to it’s feet, no winning.

It was fun to leave control, to leave life on its own

It was fun to forget barriers and leap out of my comfort zone.


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