Calm Down!

Everyone is busy… I don’t know doing what!


We’re all running, panting yet running

I don’t wish to sleep, for work seems stunning.

I sneeze, head hurts. But “Work comes first!”

First is not important if it makes you feel worst.

Wake up and run, neither jog nor walk

Don’t sleep, don’t eat, don’t even talk.

“Technology is our friend!” they say

I don’t understand how gadgets took my time away.

I don’t know when I work and when I play

Is it really a friend or foe today?

We’re all working on reports and modules

I don’t know how so much clutter can help companies form rules.

I don’t understand if we work to live or live to work today

We don’t do what we love at all in any way.

Is it so important to be busy in life?

Or is it just a little more important to live our life?

Work always was and will remain a part of our lives

However, let’s not confuse parts with complete lives.


2 thoughts on “Calm Down!

  1. No it is not.
    In reality you know what it is and who really matters.
    There are only a few souls who could see through the web.
    Whatever one does is their own choice.
    We have choice to choose what we want and have.
    Being calm takes lot of practice.

    But yes I get the whole I idea of why rushing and what’s that keeps everyone so busy.
    When I talk to a lot them, they are surprised to know how few of them don’t have many/any social networking account but eventually they come to an agreement that it’s better for them.


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