My Master Key!

I closed my eyes before writing this piece of poetry and all I could imagine was you.


The way my heart goes crazy when you’re around

The way I speak too much with words all round.

The way you look into my eyes, makes me insane

Makes me fumble and looking away seems vain.

You touch my skin but reach my soul

Reading my mind seems your only goal.

I don’t know if being with you is tough or easy

At times you’re rock and the other you’re breazy.

Usually I have a story to narrate

And when it’s about you I feel I just misstate.

I’m either out of words or my poetic knowledge

You hold me close to your heart yet keep me on the edge.

Your tricks make me mad, your words make me wise

I don’t know if you really are my blessing in disguise.

No matter how much we argue I’ll be kissed and you’ll win

For you’ll take my breath, steal my words and make it a win-win.

I don’t think I’m perfect for you, I never will be

But in the end to all my doors you’re always the master key.


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