“The only limits in our life are those we impose on ourselves.”

– Bob Proctor


New adventures and roads await

For us to travel and open our gate.

New life, new smiles, new songs

And we’re stuck in the rights and wrongs.

New moments each day, a new picture to click

A new hair color maybe, a new side flick.

A newer resolution that comes from the heart

A brand new celebration for a live dream to start.

Another tour or sketch or dress to make

Another millionaire to the world, a new remake.

A truth that can’t be hidden, a life to live again

No limit, no brake, just rack your brain.

A new injury too maybe with more new courage

A new way of becoming one’s own age.

It’s a nice beginning to think of and live by

Just smile and twinkle, sometimes cry but just to fly.


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