Bidding adieu to a yearlong journey.


With a book full of memories, good and bad

With eyes full of tears, happy and sad.

We’ve said goodbye to an old storybook

Saying hello to a brand new notebook.

Wearing a new dress we dance our way out

New shoes, new neck piece, to completely stand out.

New pictures and selfies to hold onto time

So that next year we have a moment too sublime.

I see someone missing home, thanking family and friends

Some bedazzled by blessings and some celebrating the ends.

Like a newborn in the family

Each year is celebrated so lovingly.

Yet the elder members are never forgotten

They carry value lifelong never shorten.

And like every member of the family

Each year will remain special undoubtedly.

And next year again we’ll have a perfect storybook

That was today a brand new notebook.

Full of memories, good and bad

Making eyes wet with tears, happy and sad.


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