It’s so absurd that we start planning for something unknown with so much excitement and eagerness.


With the year coming to a closure and the new one coming to life

We’re all striving hard to win with our own life.

Fight in a race that we’re ought to lose

But run like never before and yet try not to lose.

This year don’t just sit down and make a resolution

Get up from that couch and find a solution.

Don’t wait for it like you’ve always done

Get up, find it and get it done.

Smile and laugh as much as you breathe

Be excited inside and above the sheet.

Avoid those negative people, you need nothing but yourself

Unfollow what makes you sad, become envious and build yourself.

Get to bed early and see every morning rise

Show the sun that you’re better with the rise.

Be fierce, be wild, be adventurous, be autonomous

That’s definitely a life that’s much better than being monotonous.

Show more gratitude and give more than you take or even need

Give yourself the strength, be brave and do your deed.

Make each day of the coming year memorable

Don’t just be the better one at being comparable.


4 thoughts on “?Unknown!

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    Please visit this link..This link is about a poetry competition which is going to be held in delhi…All the information is mentioned in the link..And this is an opportunity for young poets like you and me..I want you to take part in it as i personally believe that you write awesome poetries and you have that talent and power to present yourself as a great poet in this big competetive world..I am really concerned about your talents..


  2. Dear Prachi Kumari,

    I’m so glad you like my work and are quite interested in my poetry. I’m extremely pleased to know about the slam. Thank you so much for all the appreciation you send for me. I’ll definitely look into the details and make sure I can take part. Thank you so much! πŸ™‚

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