You are just what you need to be.


Changes, choices, decisions…

Are these your visions or collisions?

“Oh she looks so pretty!”

Wish I was more like her than being witty.

Wish I could wear that dress and walk like that

Wish I could go places far just like that.

Why don’t they talk to me, am I so unworthy?

I’m unfit, trying to fit in here, become some worthy.

So uninterested they are! Am I that imperfect?

What does the world need? What is “Perfect”?

Are dreamers inappropriate of being wise?

What’s flawed and incorrect in this world up-size?

Why does one need to prove their wit?

Why do they judge and not perceive, what’s their wit?

What’s individuality, if everyone’s the same sort of classy?

And who here is kind enough and not like glassy?

What have they got to do with who I am?

Why am I a question in their exam?

No matter what? They’re now in for a question too tough!

For whoever I am. I am just enough!


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