I know how to run behind things. I’m an avid learner.


It’s important for each of us to know our passions right

It’s important for us to understand the fight.

The fight we have to go through to live our dream

The dream that keeps flowing through our minds like a ย river stream.

Difficult paths locate us to the most serene destinations

Every tough question has multiple solutions.

Perceive the obstacle standing in your way

And if that’s you yourself step away.

Struggles are beautiful they tell you your strength

They teach you of the lessons you would never learn at greatย length.

If one dream fades away there’s another one waiting for you

So don’t miss out the chance by trying for something not meant for you.

Know your passions right and follow them until the end

At times there might be a u-turn, a pothole or a bend.

Enjoy the rains, the spring and the snow for one day will be bright with sunlight

That day will be the right day to fly your kite.


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