There’s a famous quote in Buddhism, “All you need, you already have.”


Isn’t this quote the reality, the truth for most of us?

We have everything we may require. Yet, we miss our bus.

We have enough food yearlong, clothes to wear, shelter too

Not just that, we have loved ones and people who care about us too.

In spite of that, we feel so stressed and displeased

Wanting more comfort, more food, more knowledge seized.

We always wish for a little more

A more of somethingย when we open the door.

More possessions maybe, more financial security

We never realize that looking for more we lose our life’s authority.

ย We often don’t perceive that we already have enough

Enough to live a marvelous life with, to be quite tough.

We never see all that could be done in everything we already have

We never see the splendor of the moments we live and divide the pleasure to halve.


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