I’m not quite an admirer of target points, deadlines or goals. But, as an honest opinion they work and they usually save a lot of time.


It’s not easy for us to always be in a work mode like machines do

In fact our mind requires a lot more effort to sit to work and get through.

Typically, we get habitual to get to office and work on daily tasks

Yet, habitually we aren’t always that proactive towards our daily tasks.

I always notice a change in me when I target myself for something

That sudden productivity rise in me for a new something.

And these self-imposed deadlines work quite well at times

They seem difficult at first, but they make me proud and happy most of the times.

There are multiple reasons why targets make us work towards our goals faster

And how suddenly the work is inspiring and targets are our master.

The most important reason is, through targets we forget our fears

Our fears are sidelined in the process, with the deadline that adheres.

Also we aren’t left with a choice to look away

To look away from a deadline that can actually take a lot things away.

It’s quite a healthy thing to be productive and save some time for oneself

I’m loving the ‘pay money to a friend’ deadline for myself.


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