It was probably less than a second but it changed everything.


Have you ever looked at your most favorite possession break to pieces?

A vase, a pot, a clock or just a glass, shatter to pieces?

Have you ever captured a moment that would never return?

A new born, a rainbow, a teary laughter, anything stem to stern?

Isn’t it wonderful how some good and bad memories stick to us?

How at times, moments just remain somewhere with us?

Like, it was always supposed to be a part that we probably lost

A part that we misplaced or forgot at the life’s race cost.

But you know, we always have a chance to create

More of these memorable stories that we often like to narrate.

We have the opportunity to create them each passing day

More today than yesterday and more tomorrow than today.

For we are the few who’ve got today in exchange

Of a day of our life that we really wish to change.


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