Pride Or Pain!

How many times are you happy about the things in life?


I’ve always been a critic, a complaint-box, a loner

There aren’t many times I feel happy as my life’s owner.

There are a zillion things I can list today to be happy in my life about

But I’m definitely holding on to one sorrow since forever now, without doubt.

My friend comes to me and shares her list of pains

How many times are we really happy about gains?

How many times do we get up from bed and smile

And how often do we smile? Just once in a while?

Smile about the little things in life or an achievement or surprise?

And hold onto that smile every time we fall or rise?

Is it too difficult to carry some pride in this world

Where everyone has their bit of problems somewhat whorled?

We all have our own mountain to climb and also our own piece of cake

Then why do we share the pain behind the climb instead the taste of the cake?

Well life is our own story what we make of it and the way we live

Then why not own pride for all those things and have a lot more than pain to give?


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