What will be the end of the world?


We have so much going in our lives

Every heartbeat is a busy running moment of our lives.

We wish to achieve our dreams, our goals and aims

We fall, fail, cry and live again playing the new life games.

Sometimes, these life games trick us and hit us hard enough

We feel like it’s the end of the world, nothing can be so tough.

We try to fight this too, because who wants a loss any which ways?

But when we fail, we close all open doors too and shut all our ways.

It’s a difficult phase, that most of us face at some point of our lives

We fall, hurt ourselves but rise far beyond capability in our lives.

The end of the world resides in our own hands

The end of the world is the end of our lives and it’s expands.

So live till you die, till you feel the last heartbeat

Live like never before and always repeat.

For every tough time came to a tough person

Look beyond everything for just yourself, look into the sun.


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