Before Tomorrow!

To make some history, we need to make something worthwhile before tomorrow.


What is that one thing you believe in now?

What is that one thing, you’d get up and change right now?

Would you pay the price to live your life on your terms?

Would you even die to produce your dream like silkworms?

I always fear, if I’d ever be someone successful ten years down the lane.

But thinking of today as history, I ain’t making my path or lane.

Do you see yourself as an asset five years later?

If yes, get up now and work your world before later.

Believe in yourself, in truth, in a little bit of magic.

Believe in life, it’s not actually that tragic.

What’s your coffee? My coffee is my dream.

It wakes me up and doesn’t let me sleep too, it’s esteem.

HistoryΒ knows those who know their present well.

After yesterday and before tomorrow is our today to excel.


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