Ages ago, today was marked as the new year according to the Indian mythology. When good won over evil and Lord Rama returned to his kingdom in Ayodhya after fourteen years of exile and also after defeating Ravana.


So the festival is over, the one we wait for yearlong

The festival of lights as they call it, has already gone along.

Five days of sheer delight, of lights, sweets, family times

I wish it was here always, forever. Sometimes.

Even though it’s all gone, it’s left us a new something

A new beginning maybe, a new ray of hope, a new dress or a new bling.

A new twinkle has lit my eyes with happiness

It makes me believe that there is a better world outside loneliness.

A new sparkle is within my heart now

That tells me everything is not over, I can try again and turn things to wow.

There’s some sort of hope in my mind

Some ray of strength of some kind.

This festival was a celebration of Lord Rama returning home at one time

And today too it is something really-really sublime.

I don’t know much about what mythology says

But what I do know is, things can always ablaze

The determination in our souls to do something new

Or the joy to shine on faces again that came on days few.


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