What’s Right?

It’s true that what’s rational for one person can be irrational for someone else.


Every action has an equal and opposite reaction

And there are many possible answers to just one question.

When mom scolds me, my reaction to it would probably be sorrow

But dad’s reaction to it would be affection for us and not sorrow.

So at times we have to understand that everything we do has effect on a number of people

And the reactions to our actions will also come from those many people.

We often fail to perceive about what actions effect and what affect

We seldom think about what others feel and at times also disrespect.

Because we feel that our action was the most correct one

Without considering that reaction wouldn’t be just one.

It’s important to take care of our loved and dear ones at all times

Because none better than their love will ever get us peace at all times.


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