Success is valued only if it’s hard earned.


The easiest language the world understands is success

That’s just how people know us, just how people address.

They aren’t interested in who I am or who you are

All they want to know is what we do wherever we are.

I wish this world understood love or silence or even peace

But I won’t blame anyone for at times, even I judge their shirt crease.

Well, I just know a few things about success because I’ve seen more failures

I know just a little about movies for I can’t judge them through trailers.

And I hope to someday be in the shoes of a successful person, living that life

But I don’t think I’ll forget these failures or this strife.

And that would be the real success for me

To remember who I was at the start and who I am after success hit me.

Because I know the difference between these two people is quite a lot

And that’s the change this world looks up to, on second thought.


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