One Fine Day!

That one day changed my life.


That day was something different, not unusual but unique

That day was something like a life’s sneak peak.

When there was no attention towards the tornado in my mind

There was no attention paid to where I went, of any kind.

The day when miles didn’t matter footsteps did

The day when I was again a kid.

I did not count the number of my ice creams

I did not consider the illusion behind my dreams.

The day when I left myself alone

The day I didn’t judge or think about what was already known.

That day I didn’t think about what would future be like

That day I just thought if present was lifelike.

I didn’t think about people, known or unknown

For once, I thought just about me, I was in that zone.

That day I became to be known as a poet

I became someone marvelous from just a moppet.

It was just another one fine day

That made me lead this quite a large way.


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