It’s difficult to reach every mountain peak in life, but sometimes the destination is our journey.


“It’s tough, you shouldn’t do this.

Health is more important than achievement. Don’t do this.

You’ll fall and hurt yourself, why push yourself so much

What is this ambition? This weird wish as such?

What is this madness? It’s all just in your head.

Why climb Everest to lie on eternal bed?

You won’t reach there, it’s not your tale

You’re so weak, you’re so pale.

It’s freezing cold and you’re no military man

Let’s go back, let’s cancel this plan.

Do this some other day, with a better set goal

Do this that day, when you have that control.

It’s not so easy, as easy as it seems

The oxygen levels will fall further forget your silly dreams.

Stop this behavior. Put the nail on your head!”

And to all this I finally stood up and said…

I will go.This is not something extreme.

My heart got there already, this body will now follow the crazy sleepless dream.


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