If it is possible I will make it happen, no matter how tough it is.


Most of my life, I’ve prayed to God and thanked him for things

Through most prayers, I asked for success or better things.

During some prayers I cried my heart out due to difficulties

During some I realized my blessings and capabilities.

Today, I haven’t achieved much but I have reasons to smile

Not much in hands but, feet to go the extra mile.

We all know, that we’re far better than so many people in this world

Our life for most of those is just a dreamworld.

Yet we wish for better and better each day

We never think about the good we have everyday.

I’m wishing for worse to come now, right here in my way

For even if it’s toughest but possible, I’ll make it happen anyway.

We’ve received so much that actually there’s nothing to lose

I’ve got a shoe-rack while the poor man has no shoes.

With so much to be happy about, today I pray for those

Who smile wide with little and heaven only knows.


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