Let’s walk on the pages of our books or the icons of our camera.


Β There’s always this pebble in our shoe

That will grab most of our attention and make us blue.

There will always be this speck in our eye

That will hurt and pinch and make us cry.

But that pebble in our shoe or this speck in our eye

Is that one small thing that one day says, goodbye.

Every problem we face is that small pebble

It’s small but it hurts, causes discomfort and sticks like a rebel.

Yet, there is this one thing that we can do

We can pause and put that pebble away from our shoe.

At times, it sticks there longer than we can think

But we can still pause, take a look at good things and sprint back in a blink.

We hold onto this one little speck in the eye and cry about it for long

While there’s mountains of happiness ahead singing our own song.

It takes time but let it go and dance to your tunes

Put that teardrop away and write your own afternoons.

Look at future and nurture the present

Give consent to your heart’s content.


10 thoughts on “Movement!

  1. You don’t have to use many
    Just use the relevant tags

    I didn’t find any email ID for your blog

    Anyone someday soon I will write a blog tip for some talented bloggers like you

    I believe you don’t spend much time on blogging apart from when you are posting ?

    Do you read other posts ?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yeah part of the reason why your blog doesn’t show up is – because lack of collaboration.

    However unfortunate it is, the times are in demand for a blogger to collaborate. It is partly a give and take principle. If you don’t follow it and if you are content with your skill and efforts, then the best thing one can have.

    At the same time if you want to expand or want to reach out to people, since you do fairly well with your poems, you need to find ways to propagate the ideas to the masses who will appreciate it.

    Until the time I post on the topic
    Cheers to your attitude and perseverance

    Good times.

    Liked by 1 person

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