Staring at the mirror and looking deep within.


What does one do when they’re distressed?

I stay inside, with my body, my words, my mind all suppressed.

My thoughts are the loudest when I’m silent

Yet, I always wish to stay that way, quiet and defiant.

I cry a lot but silently at midnight hours

I sleep less and walk myself in and out, no bars.

It’s difficult to think of something nice when you’re sad

It’s difficult to eat right when times are bad.

One can’t be empathetic about the problems various other people face

Because we also can’t find a part of ourselves, that we did misplace.

We want to feel light but instead we become low

We lose the love for ourselves, leaving our heart filled with pain, otherwise hollow.

There’s a lot that can be done to solve one problem

We often don’t look at other things being great, we just look at the problem.

Our mind is trained to make us feel just one way at one time

How can something ridicule suddenly change to sublime?

So it’s basically not in our hands to change feeling distressed

It’s not our fault or something incorrect if we’re depressed.

So what to do, should I in my case, continue crying to bed and be normal next morning?

No! There are things that can make us feel better without much longing.

These ways ask us to feel the pain, we’re facing

To address it, to contemplate, without suppressing.

To show it off, to share and not keep it in yourself growing in ignorance

But to heal it with a heavy heart and make a large difference.


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