Empty Promises!

How easy is it to lie to someone you love the most?


I make empty promises to myself everyday

I lie to my mind each minute, everyday.

I promise myself, “I’ll wake up early tomorrow!”

Yet I’ll get to bed late like there’s just no tomorrow.

I’ll procrastinate my work with time limits

And end up with just time limits.

I’ll make an empty thought of going for a jog at 6 a.m.

And then stare at my clock till 6 p.m.

I’ll never break my comfort zone and lie to myself

Lie to the one who knows everything, every little detail about myself.

It’s easy to tell yourself about doing something tomorrow

But don’t forget about the place you have to live in today and tomorrow.

This body and mind is where we’ll be alive until death

Stop making empty promises to them, not to your breath.

Live up to yourself and love yourself like no one else does

There can’t be anything creative at procrastinating a jog. So, no fuss.

Empty promises make our heart light, don’t lose that love

Be truthful to yourself. Everything else is just up and above.


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