Remembrance of the good old days.


Mom and me used to play this song game whenever there was a power cut

Her voice is beautiful, I don’t get to hear that version now the one uncut.

I used to wait for a letter from my cousin and cycle to the post office to collect it myself

The text apps or engine automobiles have taken away that part of my little self.

I used to carefully set my radio system on this channel to hear my Friday special love songs

I don’t know if I really remember today, those good old amazing songs.

It was a delight to meet my aunt every month I guess

She would always get my favorite chocolates and the board game of chess.

I miss my aunts hug, she held me tight and sprung me in the air

Today we chat, she in her room, me in mine. With a distance of miles and the same air.

More than chocolates and flowers and the planting of trees

I miss walking beside dad to parks, in the buzzing of bees.

I miss the power cuts because when lights were back I would run to blow off the candles

I miss the race my sister let me win often to blow those fragrant candles.

I miss cycling to the post office, I rarely see one today

I wish those good old days were still here for the child in me an heartbeat away.


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