Richie Rich!

Life was such a pretty little party dress and then, I grew up.


Life becomes so satisfactory when your start earning

Shouldn’t it have been the other way, when you started learning.

During all these years of growing up I’ve never understood

How money classified us into perfect human beings, making everything sound good.

They say, “I will earn enough money to live happily ever after.”

I don’t realize why people don’t live happily right now, they can earn a lot of laughter.

Yes of course life is not so simple so put that philosophy away?

But I guess this philosophy is much better than thinking about what people have to say.

A better house might define you, might make you look classier and rich

But what is really better, finding your happiness or running behind others’ dreams to enrich?

In this money-oriented society we give importance not to the wise but to the opulent

It’s different to be ambitious and to forget ourselves in the race behind being opulent.

Try to earn something that life remembers on your deathbed

Everyone earns money, try earning happiness, love and respect instead.


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