You Can!

“You can!” end of story.


There might be a hundred people out there to prove that, you’re unattractive

But believe in the one, who calls you beautiful everyday and makes you feel attractive.

The whole world might think and say that you’re not doing right

But it’s probably just you and your body living this life right?

There will be people who’ll mock you no matter how hard you try each day

But keep trying for one day they’ll be clapping at your success anyway.

Look at the brighter side it won’t make you blind

Look forward, keep moving like there’s nothing left behind.

Learn from your failures and forget them in the end

Start not tomorrow, not today, but now and keep going till the end.

Don’t care about what people have to say

Those who matter the most, will understand you anyway.

Life is hard but it’s sure equal for all

Don’t turn back, this is no time to fall.

It’s just time to get up and plan to succeed

Because you always could and you still can, just try again and proceed.


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