The most important thing is to understand.


The most natural thing is to judge but let’s try and understand

We all are a different soul belonging to a different piece of land.

It’s easy to hate but the world needs a lot more love

Yes there is ground beneath our feet but don’t you wish to touch that sky above?

There were good old days for a baby inside a mother’s womb too

Maybe as a chromosome in daddy’s sperm was further better than a world this new.

But try to understand what this baby feels when you feel to hold him in your arms

Try to understand what a woman went through to be yours today, to make you see her charms.

It must be easy to say, “It’s just a matter of twenty bucks!”

But for someone it’s quite hard earned even today and that is the crux.

It’s easy to criticise but try and encourage today

Tears are everywhere, make someone smile in some way.

Someone has a lot less than where we stand

So smile, share and try to understand.


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