A short story about my blog, “poetrythishour”.

It’s been two years since I started writing my blog

10th September 2014 to be precise was the day when I put forward the idea of a blog.

Creating an account on wordpress was quite easy

It was like any other new app with it’s attractive appearance, quite breezy.

Soon I started understanding that I had made a big decision

Of course, life wasn’t depending on it, but it did require more precision.

Gradually a hobby became a habit, work became fun

From a ball of wool, today a yarn was well spun.

I couldn’t perceive how a girl like me could do something that fine

A blog, poetry, writing, it all meant a huge thing until I drew a very fine line.

The thoughts of my diary became inspiration, motivation or happiness for people around

Not just my town, city or country. But today the world was my ground.

I had started writing for everyone to read poetry apart from school

I always thought words that could rhyme were just too cool.

I wanted to write for myself and you

I started so that I could be a sharer of sorrow or a giver of happiness too.

A little piece that could help, inspire or just make people happy

Was my way to achieve, to grow, to be happy.

Today is another day to share my thoughts with you

Maybe you’re in a fiddle, have lost all hope or are crying to bed like I do too.

That’s why I’m here and will always be at any hour

Today I love the reason for which I started POETRYTHISHOUR!


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