It’s always so difficult to become what you want to be.


The most right thing for everyone today is to do what they love

Everything else just doesn’t matter then; up and above.

To do the right thing first and do it right in the first go

Makes us the role model, the goal setter, from the word “Go!”

But is it really so easy to do what we want

Do all wishes get the grant?

Does every little girl get to be in the front?

Or do some try hard to get there, fall yet try again and cry after the adverse grunt?

At times it makes people depressed and at times aggressive too

Of course it’s all a process and thus, it’ll take us time to change too.

But, I feel failures are actually a blessing

Even though they hit us down, their the best for our progressing.

The strongest people are often the one’s who’ve been put down

Probably by the world who stood first then and today stand faced down.

The point is, we all need to embrace our pain or failure

Like it’s the most beautiful thing that could happen, it’s just a brilliant trailer.

For we are the one’s who will stand tall and bring change in the world

We are the one’s who will make a difference after the life that got twirled.

Then why do we cry and pull ourselves down

When there’s so much we still have to do, rather than wasting this minuteΒ in frown.


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