The Bubble Wrap!

Have you ever tried to pop the bubbles of a bubble wrap?


While I was thinking of a topic today, to write my post on

My eyes fell upon this little piece of bubble wrap that, I thought of putting light upon.

What is actually so satisfying about popping these bubbles?

The feeling of air deflation? The sound? Or just popping the bubbles?

At times, we fail to notice and witness the difference that little things make

Watching the hour glass for instance, the shape that little sand can take.

A dew drop on a rose, tearing of paper, that piece of bubble wrap

That I never let go from my desk, I can’t even imagine that gap.

Why? Because of the kid in me that wants to fidget or play?

No, because there is a science behind each little thing, everyday.

The feeling of popping these bubbles are a calming sensation to our fingertips

Similar to theΒ telling of beads that my grandma would do during her trips.

Every little thing has a connect with our soul, with our mind and actions

Some keep us happy, some in turn get frustrated reactions.

We need to know what happens within because of what is happening around

There is something deep to which we’re bound.

That special connect needs to be felt and understood

It needs to be witnessed to do one’s heart good.


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