Nothing can be as bad as something that makes you feel incapable of doing anything.


Have you been through a fracture?

At times we feel like this even with a Tyre puncture.

If you have faced one of these, or similar situations

You would definitely connect to my couple of summations.

During an injury I realized, that we certainly can’t do things we do on our daily basis

But most of us, also feel a little disappointed, incapable, probably unloved and also tired in such crisis.

When the injury takes time to heal we also start feeling lazy

And at times, it makes us feel lonely, weak and a lot lost as hazy.

But what do we do? Do we wait for it to get alright or injure ourselves more?

Don’t we all just want to become better, from the very core?

We want to get that fracture off and be able to run not just walk this time

We want that injury to go and now we want to do something sublime.

It’s like a revenge we take on circumstances that injured us

We want to become strong again, and an important part thus.

This implies a lot in our day to day lives

Where someone or the other, maybe unintentionally is injuring us with sharp knives.

But this time, we don’t become better, this time we sink

Instead of swimming higher to the brink, we literally sink.

It wasn’t our fault really when we got a fracture

Not our fault yet, when we’re facing this heart puncture.

Then why drown this time and not become better

Because this time there was no break, no thought, no feeling of incapability but just injury, that did not turn us to be the go getter.

We need to think to react better

Ponder upon the injury to take revenge like the old target setter and the new go getter.


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