Yes, it demands to be felt. And only those who’ve felt it can understand it too.


It’s really worthwhile to smile after crying oceans

It’s worthwhile to even yawn after life’s best creations.

The highest mountain climbs don’t just demand strength

They demand the pain of the climb to be felt at length.

What’s the motto of life, if there’s no feeling of achievement

Over competition, over sorrow or over bereavement?

An extra spoon of salt makes no difference to the river

But an extra spoon in my soup does cause me to quiver.

That quiver is what needs to be understood

That quiver is supposed to be felt yet withstood.

Red ants feel the pain, so do gorillas

Then why do we have to hide our tears under umbrellas?

I cried because it hurt and I will smile through it too

It’s no big deal and they will understand that someday too.

What we need to perceive is every little pinch wants to be felt

By the end, all that will remain is just what is heartfelt.

So don’t worry about what they think of you

Don’t think about a weakened you.

Think about the stronger yourself that will emerge through this pain

And smile wider than yesterday again.


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