The Beach!

I love the beach.

I love walking on the beach

Love the waves that push themselves really hard to come to my reach.

The sand, that not only makes me feel connected to the ground

But also because it makes my presence feel important with every step on the ground.

The air makes me feel the sand across my face

It tells me someday I’ll be a part of it with grace.

The sharp shells that pinch every time I walk on them

They make me realise that my problems are as small as them.

The sun shines bright, as I look at the glistening waves

It teaches me the meaning of what life takes.

I build castles here of mere sand

Wondering someday they’ll be big enough, for me to stand.

But this beach also makes me perceive

That some dreams make us very proud while some get washed away long before we perceive.

I lie under the palm tree and it releases my pain

It tells me that’ll be just mine, for me and with me during loss and gain.


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