The Best Things!

The best things happen to those who make them happen.

Life is a big story made of tiny little words.

A chaotic universe of two worlds.

A place where so many people live

A place where most take and some give.

In this place almost everyone is busy

I can’t understand what they really do, it makes me dizzy.

Some leave everything in life, for their dreams

And some don’t even know, what is it that they want, their real dreams.

Some know what they want but aren’t in the right place

And some of us just don’t get space.

But you know what, we all have something really common

Even common sense in this case is lesser common.

That one singular similarity lies in all our minds

That one thing makes us the alike kinds.

It is the desire to grow, to make something out of life

To look forward, work hard, push ourselves and even strife.

And the silliest mistake we always do, is wait

While we need to make things happen and not quite wait at the gate.

If you love someone, say it. It’s your dream and your time

To make it come true and make it sublime.

Want something, state it.

Time is just here and now, just be wise to make it.


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