Why do we get disheartened over small things or easily?


We get sad even with quite small instances at times

Because, people very close to us, say or do unacceptable things sometimes.

Sometimes what they would find as a very small circumstance

Seems really big for us, and we remember it for a lot of expanse.

These memories, become a core one and they upset us at various situations

They make us more sad, when we’re already sad at certain confrontations.

Why does this happen? This disheartening and sorrow.

Or even re-happen at times, leaving not much space for a fresh tomorrow.

Why do thoughts of it, play like a loop in our minds?

And when we tend to forget, something pops up and reminds.

The simplest reason for this sorrow, is expectation

We are not ready to accept what we get, because we already have an expectation.

Things don’t happen to us, we make them happen

We don’t get hurt, we hurt ourselves by making things happen.

Everyone has problems today, everyone is stressed

Everyone here is gifted too, everyone is blessed.

At times, what is said maybe unintentional or just a joke

It might provoke sorrow or cast your heart a sharp stroke.

While it’s always easy to feel bad, we should also understand

Why we feel bad, why can’t we withstand?


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