Aren’t are thoughts marvelous travelers?


I mean, from toe nail to fairy tale

I just don’t realize or perceive how they sail.

Most of the times I’m doing something but, thinking about another

At times it’s four to five tasks, yet these thoughts ponder on something other.

These thoughts are the best kind of travelers I must say

They also know whether I’m sad or happy and they work that way.

We’ve made it easy through a habit, to live in this complex body

If I get to understand it someday, I might give each part a different life, I might embody.

Anyway, coming back, my mind wandered as usual

It’s a tough thing to always stick to a point. it’s unusual.

That’s why we have a world full of emotions maybe

And traveling becomes an art and not just a desire to be.

It’s not just an idea to travel sometimes

It happens without a plan at times.

I find it good to wander, look around, find new routes

It makes me learn something new through my boots.


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