A Second!

Sometimes it takes a few years to smile again and sometimes not even a second.


Are you too in a fix about things to smile at or for?

Happiness or a smile has become subjective to the core.

We need reasons to smile for and we have million things to be worried about

We have stress running in each blood cell without much doubt.

Β We underestimate ourselves, we hate the work we do

We aren’t even living a life, we’re just existing like most others too.

We once had dreams, nowadays we don’t know when we’re off to sleep

Honestly, we aren’t left with any little time to sit and weep.

We can’t understand what we like and we hate almost every thing

We’re frustrated or irritated or angry almost everyday is a sure thing.

We have so much to smile about and rule over the ruining instances

But we won’t find happiness, instead we want to change the instances.

It’s just the story of one tiny second

It may start tomorrow, today, now, any second.

But we need to let it start and lead for it’s a life changing one

One second of happiness and smile can change something miserable to something outdone.


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