Tears And Smiles!

Have you tried to smile while crying?

At times when someone or something really hurts you
Hurts you so bad that tears are flowing from your eyes too

Try to smile and see how it transforms into a giggle

How tears dry up and lips form a jiggle.

It’s easier to accept the person that hurt you that way

Or maybe when things didn’t fall into place, or in the right way.

I cry a lot, little things matter to me

But this is exactly what let’s me remain me.

It’s not worth it if I stop crying but yet hurt myself deep within

What’s real victory is if I can smile through my tears and find the happiness that’s within.

If I can try to understand what hurt me and forget about it

If I can smile and forgive and stay cool myself, fine and fit.

It’s difficult to turn yourself into a happy person from that sadness

But it’s easy to become a happy person if we can accept that sadness.


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