Traffic Signal!

I just love traffic signals.


Have you ever enjoyed waiting in a queue?

Sometimes, waiting downstairs to scare someone like, “Peek-a-boo!”

Waiting for birthday?

Or maybe waiting for some special one, somewhere, midway?

I hate traffic and I hate waiting

But today I realized it’s quite elating.

Every queue, whether big or small has a new story

Sometimes, I get scared myself while trying to scare mom and her laughter is just glory.

Waiting for birthday is really something extraordinary

And the wait for someone special makes me joyous from the daily ordinary.

Every traffic signal at all different times teaches us something new

It’s a crazy wait, but it creates something so sublime too.

Sometimes, it makes me realize the blessings I own

And sometimes it makes me perceive of my bubbled up life, that’s inside my comfort zone.

There’s a meaning of every rushed moment and every wait

And today I realized that it’s actually worth the wait.


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