Being a part of someone’s life is so special and being someone’s life is a blessing altogether.


Have you ever felt someone else’s smile making your day?

Have you felt the urge of meeting someone at the very moment, right away?

When you want to be held, you want to sway in their arms

When just one look from across the road adds all charms.

At times even their anger is so adorable

Of course then, their laughter makes us skip a beat, they are that able.

It’s irritating when they know it all before we tell them a thing

Though it is worthwhile, that they know us in and out, that is quite something.

I hate it when he runs his fingers across the knots of my soul

Yet Iย love it, when he loves me after knowing the dustiest corners of my messed up soul.

I don’t know what makes a girl like my so coy

He’s the only one who can interrupt my work, get beaten and yet enjoy.

It’s difficult to convey what magic hisย hug carries

I describe his touch differently on all pages of all my diaries.

Whether I’m in a jiffy, I’m happy or sad

He doesn’t let me get to bed without getting a smile, he wants me glad.

I don’t know what makes me special and what makes him a blessing

I feel he’ll keep me guessing and I’ll keep assessing.

But there are some people who without gaining anything just want us to shine

And there is this one person who resides in our breath, is our lifeline.


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