On the days I feel incapable, undeserving, undesired and all sorts of such darkness. I wake up, sit straight and let life know that it can get me better nightmares.


None of us is small over here, we were all born the same way

All of us are capable of something or the other, in a way.

We all have problems, weaknesses and limitations

But we all also have courage, strengths and aspirations.

This life teaches us to look at the darker side first

And then we start complaining, the worst step first.

We never understand why the other side is brighter

We fail to see the problems out there, we just feel the other side is righter.

And then starts the real failure, loss of hope and light

We forget to smile, we don’t wish to live bright.

We start putting down on oneself, we believe our dreams are unreasonable

We start feeling unloved, undesired, undeserving. What would be more feasible?

But honestly, that’s not the case. That’s just how we look at it.

This is sure the world of survival of the most fit.

But we all are here and existing because we deserve to be here

We raced about hundred million lives to come into this world, right here.

That’s the first achievement to be happy and proud about right?

Then what’s this big fight?

This big fight we keep fighting with ourselves about nothing being right.

There’s always hope and faith like right inside us

We just need to open our eyes and smile, to feel it within us.


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