Bon Voyage!

Life sets us on a new journey everyday.


My life has been static a lot lately

It has been on this constant line greatly.

Even though I keep running, I’m not reaching anywhere

But yet, I feel I’m setting some mark, I’m becoming a someone, somewhere.

Everyday is a new ray of hope to look beyond

Beyond the right and wrong, beyond the small little pond.

I want to look far enough to watch my reflection at the horizon

Even if I’m not winning but I risen.

The feeling of reaching the destination hasn’t left my heart

But I’ve started enjoying this journey will all my heart.

Because in this race of being the best, I’ve sure become better

Someday, I’ll also be known as the go getter.

Maybe I was meant for this journey that most couldn’t survive

I was probably made and I’m still alive for this drive.

And I know that, courage won’t leave me

I know that it’s tough to become what you just strive to be.

I will never lose hope for it’s just one life to live and see

The sun setting to bow at you, it’s not so easy.

I wish you too look ahead, through your mirage, with courage

I’m sure it’ll be fun if you can smile at it, I wish you a Bon Voyage!


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