The best gift anyone could ever receive is our feelings.


I always write, I write for myself, for mom and dad

I write letters to family and friends, it makes me glad.

Have you ever thought of what gifts to buy?

But let me tell you the best gift is something that money can’t buy.

I’ve always tried to tell people how much I love them

AndΒ letters have been the best way to help me, tell them.

We want to always give the best to our loved ones

We want to give a world full of happiness to our loved ones.

And we should for they’re the most important to our lives

They are the reason behind we loving our lives.

But a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers

Doesn’t last until our last hours.

But the love we have for our dear ones lasts even after our end

It remains in the hearts of our family or friend.

So convey what is important before it’s late

For we cannot fight nor judge fate.

Showcase your love whenever you can

A birthday, anniversary, valentines shouldn’t be the plan.

Say it to them with good night kisses, pictures or cards

Leave them letters and warm regards.


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