Each day is a reason for celebration and joy if you believe in it.


Can you wake up and smile for it’s another beautiful day?

Can you just thank for having another day of this wonderful life, this ‘today’?

We have so many things to do, mostly with the help of machines

But do we thank the machine we’re living in, by any means?

Do we wake up and think about a charismatic day?

Or do we just check our phones and give it a kick start anyway?

Do we go out because we want to, do we enjoy our life

No we go out with a frown, because it’s work, the biggest strife.

Yes, I know there are problems, we all have them

So does your boss, your wife, your four year kid too, faces them.

But can’t we smile our way and live a longer life?

For a four year kid will grow up soon and we don’t know how’s the afterlife.


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