What is that one thing that makes you stand out?


What does it take from you to achieve that one close goal?

What does it take from you to set free your soul?

What kind of courage does it require to look up in the sky,

To stand proud of possessing things that money can’t buy?

Can you look so close, to people in the eye

And find out their story, answers to their ‘why’?

Can you see a spark wherever you go

Can you pause and watch the street lights glow?

Do you look at little kids playing soccer?

Do you hear the opportunity knocker?

One doesn’t need a recognized dress to dance and sway

One doesn’t even want an identified pair of shoes to mark their way.

All we need and want is courage and dedication

We don’t need a duration when there’s temptation.

One needs hunger to fulfill their dreams

And grit to move ahead alone to reach the extremes.

Dreams do come true, they just want to come through a bright soul

Whether it’s soccer, writing or rock and roll.

You know there’s something beautiful in these dreams, their charismatic

But to achieve them one needs to be idiosyncratic.


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