Most of my life I’ve kept putting down on myself. Shrinking myself to a level that I wouldn’t mind being unseen.


How do we really perceive or judge of our own capabilities?

How do we really judge of lesser probabilities?

Assume that, there is someone much more better than us

Even though we’re all very different in the same field, yet the fuss.

The mess we create in our own minds, about not being good enough

And waste time whiling, instead of trying, every route is tough.

Most of what we want to create or do, has been done even before we were born

But that does not mean I sit and mourn.

Every piece of work is the birth of something new

How do we judge ourselves, that it’s so bad to turn it to blue?

Each of us here was born for something great

Each of us has something much more valuable than fate.

It’s all about the ability to do something with courage

Even if the audience ahead is sitting just to discourage.

Do want you like, even if the whole world is against

They were never on your side either, for your pain to be sensed.

Every possible writer can say this to you

But I am doing it my way, there are plenty other ways too.

For this life is really short and we all need to know

That we have to become the best before we have to go.


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