What can be a better gift than a compilation of all the love from all the corners of the universe and from the all the people you know.


Every day has it’s own story

Sometimes it’s a breakdown, sometimes it’s glory.

I lived two days at once today

I could really feel two worlds at my feet today.

The world of life and death

The world full of life at one end and at the other loss of breath.

It’s my twentieth birthday today

I went off to bed last night holding onto a smile of a new great day.

I woke up to the news of losing a friend

I was almost half dead myself, at my end.

The day passed like that, I didn’t know when I was happy and when sad

That is when I lived two worlds in one day, one was filled with blessings and the other seemed bad.

Maybe my friend is in a better place today that we can’t see

Maybe this is exactly how my birthday had to be.

With her blessings and without her

I don’t know what, how and when it occur.

All I know is, God was loving her and me at the same time

Today was definitely a compilation of something sublime.

All I know is she was a brave one and someone always at ease

I pray, may her soul rest in peace.


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