Have you ever wondered about all the beautiful things a blink could do?


Those sleepy eyes that attracted my attention

Were so beautiful that they had so much for comprehension.

Before I could understand or even think

They started to flutter and blink.

That blink is still stuck on my mind

Honestly, it’s so humble and kind.

It confines my fears at times

At times it becomes a part of the game, mimes.

At times it showcases I’m so sad

While often it makes my face look coy and glad.

It’s the beginning of my smile, beginning of tears too

It’s the veil to my eyes, it lets me hide so many things too.

It’s a prayer, respect, love and care

Isn’t it a very beautiful thing, so rare?

It symbolises a new life for me every morning

It is light and dark at the same time, so adorning.


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